Just Saying No to Holiday Overeating

We’ve all been there before. Grandma made her special dish and wants so much for us to eat some. Our friend is dying for the holiday cookies but doesn’t want to eat by herself. We’re staring down a bowl of nuts but really aren’t hungry. Do we go ahead and eat, even though we really […]

Put Yourself First this Holiday Season with the Me Movement

To say the holidays are stressful for some of us is, well, an understatement.  Too much to do compounded by worries about eating and weight can spell disaster for healthy lifestyles.  On this Monday that marks the first full week of the holiday season, it can be helpful to spend some time thinking about how […]

Healthy Cooking Friday – Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

In the midst of yesterday’s holiday of feasting, one thing was for certain; there would be an aftermath to deal with. And in this case, I’m not referring to the negative self-talk which might occur following “too much” enjoying. (I’ll leave my friend Darla to address those issues!)  But these leftovers need to be dealt with, stat. So how can […]

Thankful for Health

A very happy Thanksgiving to our virtual community!  We are very grateful for each one of you.  As my mom always says in greeting today, "Gobble Gobble Gobble!"  When we sit down to enjoy the feast this holiday, it is inevitable that minds and conversation will turn to what are we thankful for.  When I […]

Healthy Cooking Wednesday-Fruit Sweetened Cranberry Sauce

We’ve been going crazy playing with cranberries in the Green Mountain at Fox Run kitchen these days. You might have seen my grown-up gravy alternative, the Cranberry Balsamic Jus, which I’ve enjoyed on turkey, pears, salmon, butternut squash puree, and rice since its development a couple of weeks ago. It’s a keeper…as is this one, […]

Healthy Cooking Tuesday – Cornbread Dressing

Thanksgiving for the Modern Family I used to be a vegetarian. One of the hardest holidays to deal with when you are the only vegetarian in the family is Thanksgiving. Being a carnivore currently, I am happy once again to enjoy some sausage in the stuffing, or even enjoy the stuffing from the bird. But […]

Holiday Survival Tips: Tackling Turkey & Beyond

Thanksgiving is One Day A Year It’s that time of year when everywhere we turn we hear people providing weight loss information tips on how to stick to your healthy eating goals on Thanksgiving Day. This is a subject we talk about often in our healthy weight loss program at Green Mountain at Fox Run. […]

It Happened This Week: Good Nutrition=Good Hunger, A New Version of Us, Mindful Tweeting

This little guy’s days are numbered!  —-> Margarita over at the blog Weightless posted a great interview with the authors of The Diet Survivor’s Handbook who suggest avoiding the abundant diet-mentality-centered advice you hear at this time of year. Judith Matz and Ellen Frankel suggest the best advice to follow during the holidays comes from your own internal […]

Cranberry Balsamic Jus – Healthy Cooking Thursday

A Weight Lifted has a history of bringing you lovely cranberry recipes (don’t forget the almond cranberry granola bar, too). We just love the tart little buggers.  They’ve got antioxidant power and are high in vitamin C.  And, lest we forget…they’re yummy as all get out.  (Stay tuned, campers; we will be posting a truly […]

I Want It All and I Want It Now

I want it all and I want it now, or even yesterday, if that were possible.  Who doesn’t love instant gratification?  Whether our goal is better health, serious weight loss, managing binge eating, starting a consistent exercise routine, or type 2 diabetes prevention , all of these goals require moving away from old habits.   One of the […]

Meet the Green Mountain Staff: Chef Lisa Fennimore

Continuing our series introducing our staff here at Green Mountain, I bring you SweetChef Lisa, or so goes one of her email addresses. Yes, she is sweet but I think her handle comes from the fact that she loves to bake.  Witness the dynamite cheesecake mentioned on our blog last Friday.  When she’s not baking […]

Is Obesity Contagious?

According to a recent study reported in USA Today, the more obese friends we have, the more likely we are to be obese ourselves.  It’s the second study confirming that finding from Harvard researchers who say their studies suggest that obesity spreads through social networks. There are so many things I want to sigh at […]

Stop Dieting & Start to Lose Weight: Guest Post

Today’s post is courtesy of Sheryl Kraft, a freelance writer who recently visited Green Mountain to learn more about how we help women who struggle with eating, weight, body image and self esteem.  She originally posted it on healthywomen.org, a website whose name and tagline — “informed. empowered” — is right up our alley! I’m […]

Turkey Meatloaf – Healthy Cooking Thursday

Today’s post comes to you from Chef Jon, who has been getting a lot of requests for this recipe.  It is so moist and flavorful that often folks don’t realize it’s turkey! What’s your ultimate comfort food?  One of mine is Meatloaf.  I have grand memories of my Mother’s meatloaf on most Thursday nights.  She […]

Wild Appetite Swings

“Why am I so hungry??”  From time to time I’ll notice a big increase in my appetite and hear myself uttering this question.  Whether it’s from a long run in the morning, PMS, sleep deprivation, or not eating enough protein, certain things can really rev up my appetite.  Similarly, if paying attention to how I […]

Meet the Green Mountain Staff: Psychologist Darla Breckenridge

Today starts a series we'll continue until we introduce all of our staff who are the Green Mountain healthy weight loss program, most of whom contribute to this blog.  I don't like to brag, but in this case, I just have to.  Our staff is, well, just look at what some of the women who've […]

Creating Your Support Team: Just a Phone Call Away

I should have labeled the last few posts by Darla Breckenridge, our psychologist at Green Mountain, as a series because they provide a wealth of tips/strategies for effective change.  Although that's really what all her posts are about.  You'll find her posts in this "series" linked below as Posts that May be Relevant. At Green […]

It Happened This Week: Ultraprocessed Foods, Happy Meals & Salty Soup

Are processed foods contributing to American's problems with weight?  Or is it ultraprocessing that's the problem? Marion Nestle reviews the difference as explained in Journal of the World Public Health Association. San Francisco officials decided this week to limit calories, require fruits and vegetables, and prohibit sugary beverages in any restaurant meal<!–more–> that contains a […]

Stopping the Negative Self Talk: I Feel Fat

Familiar Negative Self Talk Statements Most of us have likely uttered or thought at least one of these negative self-talk statements at some point in time: I feel so fat. My thighs are disgusting. My stomach sticks out. My butt is too big. I feel huge. They’re self-deprecating thoughts and comments that Karin Kratina, PhD, […]

The Sound of Music

I’ve said many times over the years (wow, we’ve been blogging for years!), that I’m a self-confessed music junkie. And although it’s good once and a while to walk mindfully and silently through a sunlit forest on cool summer morning, most of the time I like tunes blasting in my ears.  Music really helps me […]