F-U-N & Healthy Eating This Holiday

Eating during the holidays | Managing holiday eating and keeping it funDo the words “healthy” and “holidays’ seem to conflict when it comes to eating? If so, check out how we spell healthy holiday eating at Green Mountain!

  • F – Fully participating in life without worries about body size.
  • U – Using our internal cues to guide us in making the right choices for us.
  • N – Normal eating as the goal.

Our latest FitBriefing, “Holiday Eating: Healthy Holidays Spelled F-U-N,” gets right at the core of how weight worries not only make our holidays less fun, getting in the way of enjoyying the wonderful foods of the season, but also set us up for eating in a way that makes our holidays less than happy and can exacerbate any problems we may already have with weight.

We offer our insight into how to get the F-U-N out of the holidays along with a stepped process for tuning in so you can eat healthy during the holidays without unwanted weight gain and still eat what you want. Here they are in a nutshell (pun not intended but i’ll take it anyway as unshelled nuts, so popular during the holidays, are a great healthy snack to help us slow down and accomplish these tips):

  • Listen to your body as you eat.
  • Before taking a second piece, wait a bit. Important point here: Promise yourself you can have more if you want it!
  • Check in with yourself.

The full FitBriefing has many more details to help you have F-U-N during the holidays. Read it and enjoy!!  Also check out our other articles on healthy holiday eating that tastes great!

What are your tips for healthy, happy holidays?

photo by: hipMomma

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