It Happened This Week: The Holidays Are Here!



Worried about eating well during the holidays?  Consider this review by Ellie Krieger, celebrity RD, of The Great Fat Debate  that occurred last month at The American Dietetic Association annual meeting:  Total fat doesn’t matter, refined carbs are worse for your heart than saturated fat, and we need to focus on quality and calorie balance.

Here’s an idea a holiday treat that’s nutritious but still a real treat: dark chocolate and cherries. has a great source for us.

Talking about holiday treats, as the holidays descend, new-to-mindful-eating folks might be wondering just whether it’s really going to work.  Katie at Health for the Whole Self talks about how intuitive eating (aka mindful eating) works for her.

Who’s got a holiday party planned?  If you raised your hand, you might want to check out my post on SELF/NutritionData this week on how to host a holiday party without resorting to food to manage the stress.

This isn’t about eating during the holidays but it is something that always has me wondering: How much should we tip those who provide great personal services during the year, e.g., for newspaper delivery, housekeeping, etc. Frugal Dad provides 2010 Holiday Tipping Guidelines to help us decide.

If you’re thinking about joining us at Green Mountain during 2011, now’s the time to reserve your stay.  We’ve got a 25% off offer for ANY stay next year.  The offer ends at midnight on December 31.

Have a great weekend!

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