It Happened This Week: Ultraprocessed Foods, Happy Meals & Salty Soup

Are processed foods contributing to American's problems with weight?  Or is it ultraprocessing that's the problem? Marion Nestle reviews the difference as explained in Journal of the World Public Health Association.

San Francisco officials decided this week to limit calories, require fruits and vegetables, and prohibit sugary beverages in any restaurant meal<!–more–> that contains a free toy, a la MacDonald's Happy Meals.  Eliza Zied, RD, asks will that really make a difference to kids' health?

It's soup time in this part of the world, and Lisa's post yesterday featuring  Hearty Kale and White Bean Soup is a great example of one that's minimally processed.  Unless you add more of certain ingredients than needed.  Ingredients like salt, which I have been known to ruin a great soup with.    Here's a useful piece of info I stumbled across this week from — how to repair your soup when you add to much salt.

Do you need a vitamin supplement?  My thoughts in my post this week on SELFNutritionData.

Great article on intuitive eating and weight loss in Experience Life magazine this month, explaining the approach as well as the impact of emotional eating and underlying physical problems that may interfere with our ability to eat intuitively.  All of which we address at Green Mountain.

Have a great weekend!

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