It Happened This Week: Heartburn, Happiness & Informed Intuition


Do you take drugs to tame heartburn?  While experts generally agree they're good on a temporary basis, there's growing concern over their chronic use.  Check out this article in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune.

Looks like we don't need expensive vegetable washes to remove pesticide residues from fresh produce.  Scientists have found tap water works just as well.  Adequate friction — that is, rubbing the produce under water — is key, too.  A mild solution of vinegar worked well to remove bacteria and viruses.

You may be happier than you think. Check out Prevention's 9 signs that tell you that.  One of the signs:  You have a sister.  Awww.  Click on some of their other happiness links, too, for more uplifting reads.

Chef Lisa gave us some ideas for "beautiful and quick feasts" yesterday (love how she described that).  Check out my post on for other ideas on making healthy eating happen, fast food style.

Crabby McSlacker returned this week, with her usual clever and spot-on take on things, this time on intuitive eating and exercise.  Don't miss "The Cranky Fitness Informed-Intuitive Approach to Fitness and Nutrition."

Have a great weekend, everyone! I'm off to New York City to participate on a panel about binge eating at the National Eating Disorder Association.

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