It Happened This Week: Fresh Veggies Reign!

Farmers' markets aren't just for the affluent.  The New York Times talked this week about those thriving in poorer areas, where fast food reigns and where type 2 diabetes and other health problems do, too.

And check this out:  A farmers' market at a medical center.  Duh.

Mark Bittman shared his week of cooking and eating solo during a recent week on Cape Cod.  All I can say is yum.  The first link was Saturday through Monday.  Here's Tuesday to Saturday.  More yum.  Some good ideas for those veggies we get at the farmers' market this weekend!

Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite veggies.  Check out these great sweet potato ideas from Cooking Light.

Some more great ways to enjoy veggies, courtesy of Tram Le, registered dietitian and fabulous cook.

Hate veggies?  It could be the result of a bad experience you don't even remember, according to an article in the Globe and Mail.  They also give some advice for starting to move past it — and not creating the problem for the children in your life.

See ya at the farmers' market tomorrow!

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