It Happened This Week: Living to Eat, Intuitive Eating & Trust

Do you eat to live or live to eat?  The Wall Street Journal reviews research into why fatter folks might fall in with the latter camp.  We'd love to see research included that looks at the effects of deprivation on brain signals.

Weightless blog interviews Christie from Honoring Health about intuitive eating and includes a variety of intuitive eating tools that you may find helpful.

Karen of Before & After: A Real-Life Story asks the questions "When did we stop trusting ourselves? And why?"

The Suburban Woman presents stories from real women about "Why I Went Gluten-Free."  I'm one of the women.

Could lack of sleep add to weight worries?  I talk about that in my second post on the Self/Nutrition Data blog where I post on Tuesdays.

Hope you have a restful weekend!  Stay cool!

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