It Happened This Week: Women & Chocolate, Sleep Problems & Weight Gain, and More on the Media explores why women like chocolate and men like beer.  Is it nature or nurture?  Nurture might win as what women and men like seem to change both within and among cultures.

More and more evidence is cropping up that sleep problems contribute to weight problems.  This time, researchers found that middle-aged women who report sleep problems generally put on more weight over time than women who sleep well.

Does what you read when on the elliptical or other stationary exercise equipment make a difference?  According to Nancy Clark, nutrition for exercise expert, it does.  We'll likely feel better about ourselves after an exercise session reading a National Geographic, but not so if we're perusing Glamour or other magazines that present distorted images of women's bodies.

Is Dove's Real Beauty campaign hypocritical, asks The Week?  They asked after "…an ad appeared on the New York City Craigslist searching for "flawless" non-models for the soap maker's next commercial. "Beautiful arms and legs and face… naturally fit, not too curvy or athletic!" the ad read. "Beautiful hair & skin is a must!!!" The ad has since been pulled, and Dove says it never approved the wording."  Read more for different takes on the gaffe, one of which called it both "hilarious and tragic."

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