Network Execs Act Like Boobs Over Boobs

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Some of you may have already heard all the fuss around a Lane Bryant lingerie ad which didn’t hit the airways last week because it was deemed to be of an inappropriate nature.  ABC pulled the ad (which was to run during “Dancing With The Stars”) and FOX demanded “excessive edits” for the ad which was to run during the highly viewed, “Idol Gives Back” .  Needless to say, Ms. Bryant is fighting mad!

 Before we go on, check out the Lane Bryant ad here, and see for yourself.

First of all, if ABC doesn’t have a problem with sexy, super toned dancers flipping upside down half nekid every Monday night on Dancing With The Stars, then why would a little plus-sized (that’s debatable in and of itself), breast and thighs cause such an uproar? Is it a double standard?  

FOX has repeatedly run ads through the years for Victoria Secret, and if you’ve seen any number of their commercials, you’re perfectly aware that boobs, bums and bellies are a plenty. The difference? You tell me…Victoria Secret, The Nakeds.

Personally, I’m not so sure it’s a double standard as much as it’s a question of boobs. Clearly, the only difference between underwear commercials (Victoria Secret vs. Lane Bryant) is the size of the model’s breasts. More breast equals a higher quotient of tawdry, perversion, what exactly?

 Are we so provincial, or simply scared of big, beautiful women in their underwear?

 You can read more about the whole scandalous affair on

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