What’s for Lunch?

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Plan Ahead To Avoid Chaotic Eating

healthy lunch recipesRecently I’ve been working on a series of lunch-salad recipes for busy nurses who need to pack their lunch for work.  These are being posted on the website Scrubs: A Nurses Guide to Good Living.  Although all of you out there are not nurses, I’m sure most people could benefit from having some new lunch ideas.  So, I decided to post these links to the lunch recipes I’ve created.

Healthy Lunch Recipes

These recipes are intended to help nurses avoid meal skipping, a common chaotic eating pattern. The recipes we’ve posted so far are:

Spicy Rice & Bean Salad

Apricot-Turkey Salad with Whole Grains

Walnut Basil Pesto Salad

Some of the recipes may include links back to Green Mountain’s recipe section of our website, which is always a great spot to search for lunch ideas!  I hope these are helpful to you!

I’d also be intersted in any fun ideas you have for a “bagged” lunch that are outside of the box.  I’m always looking for non-sandwich lunch ideas.

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