Asking for Support: A Letter to Your Loved Ones

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Over 30 years ago we wrote a “letter to home” to help our participants once they went back into the real world that was all about calorie restriction, pounds lost and well-intentioned but generally problematic monitoring of what we eat by others.  After their stay with us learning how to listen to their body’s cues to guide them in eating (otherwise known as mindful eating or intuitive eating), and building confidence that living now at whatever size we are is key to healthy living, our participants would often return home to family and friends who continued thinking along the same lines of most people, that diet rules were the way to go.

Over the years, we’ve heard our letter “What Is Support?” has helped many women educate their family and friends about how they were doing things differently when it came to eating well, moving their bodies and taking care of themselves.  Some elect to pop it in the mail before they leave us.

See what you think.  If it helps you get the support you need at home, we’re thrilled.

Have you been successful in changing the mindset of others when it comes to how we eat and otherwise take care of ourselves?  If so, what’s worked for you?

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