Healthy Cooking Thursday! Summery Avocado Sandwich

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You can use soft, overripe avocados to spread on the baguette, or spread slices of perfectly ripe ones like these on your sandwich

In honor of Marsha’s blog earlier this week about Meatless Mondays, I am sharing my all-time favorite vegetarian sandwich.  It’s great for those busy (or hot) nights when you just don’t feel like cooking, awesome to bring on a picnic, and perfect for a packed lunch for work or school.  I suggest layering the baguette, cheese, veggies, cheese, then baguette so that the bread doesn’t get too soggy if it’s going to be a while until you have your meal.  I realize it is a little out of season, but I want summer to be here already, so call this wishful thinking!  :D

With this in mind, if you can’t find a decent tomato in your neck of the woods, save this recipe for when they are more abundant.  Add a side dish such as celery with peanut butter (to boost veg and protein) to make this a nutritionally complete meal.  And as always, use this recipe as a jumping off point for your favorite flavors.  Of course you could add (or take away) some veggies, switch out the cheese, or try it on a hearty whole grain or rye bread.  Heck, you could even do a “deconstructed” version, with all the veg and cheese on a bed of greens with croutons.  Sky’s the limit, you know.

Summery Avocado Sandwiches

serves 4

8 oz baguette

1 avocado

1 awesome large tomato (preferably beefsteak)

1/2 a red onion, sliced thin

a handful of sprouts

1/2 pound havarti cheese

Put it all together and cut it into 4 portions.  Mmmmmmm!

Check out our healthy recipe archives for some other vegetarian meal ideas.

What’s your favorite vegetarian sandwich?

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