It Happened This Week: The Fat Thin, Body Image, Bungy Jumping & Getting Miz on Ellen

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Here's "Ellen" having coffee with Miz

Even the thin can be fat, as pointed out in a Mayo Clinic study covered in the Wall Street Journal this week.  “Normal weight obesity” affects almost 30 million Americans, according to the researchers.  Which to me supports the health at every size (HAES) message that it’s our health, not our size, that’s really worthy of our attention.  And even then, fat isn’t necessarily unhealthy.  You can read more about my thoughts on the subject on my post on the body image blog We Are the Real Deal.

On the subject of body image, the blog Weightless shared some tips for improving body image, one thought at a time, from Green Mountain this week.  Gives you a good idea of some of the strategies we discuss in our weekly classes on the subject.

The focus of the Mayo Clinic study mentioned above was fat to muscle ratio.  And as we all know, some of the magic of physical activity is that it builds muscle. More of its magic: It may help us live longer.  Seems physical activity helps preserve the length of our telomeres, tiny caps on the ends of DNA strands that help protect cells.  The longer they are, the “younger” our cells appear to be.  Another notch in the belt for healthy lifestyles!  (P.S.  Last Friday, we alerted you to an article that talked about how omega-3 fatty acids have a similar effect.)

As if we needed it, here’s even more proof that physical activity does us good.  Four different studies out this week showed it helps protect our bodies and minds as we age. If it were a drug, says one expert, “it would be the safest, most effective drug in the universe.”

Talking about physical activity, Mary, our blogger staff participant of last fall, is off enjoying a fabulous adventure in New Zealand.  This week, she actually bungy jumped!  Maybe in my next life….

Finally, the fun and fabulous MizFit is campaigning to get on The Ellen Show. We’re voting yes with this link to her post sharing how she makes the effort fun because it’s all about the journey.  Wise words for living.

Go out there and live this weekend!

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