How to Avoid Weight Gain during the Holidays, Q2

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Continuing on yesterday’s theme, here’s the second question that was posed to me during the Mompreneurs Twitter party last week.

EggnogQ2:  I can’t resist Christmas cookies and eggnog.  If I indulge, how can I make up for it?

  • First, stop thinking u have to make up for it. Our bodies are resilient. They adjust naturally to over- or undereating if we let them.
  • We don’t let them when we’re always trying to control.  Try following.  Tune in and listen to what ur body wants.
  • If ur not good at intuitive eating yet, make sure u eat regular meals/snacks.  Then take *starting* portions. Enjoy mindfully.
  • Starting portions are places to start.  Enjoy, then decide if it’s enuf.  If u start thinking u can’t have more, likely it won’t be enuf.
  • If you think certain foods don’t make you feel well, or eat well, you may be right.  Experiment with eating less of them.
  • After eating, don’t worry.  Forget guilt.  Go on with ur life.  If u keep thinking abt what u ate, will keep u focused on food & eating.
  • Don’t have to exercise to make up for it.  That’s a form of calorie counting.  See previous tweet about that.

I had my first eggnog of the season on Sunday. It was so delicious, I had two glasses.  That was enough. 

Have you enjoyed a treat yet that you only have this time of year?

Tomorrow’s question:  I’m concerned about my children stuffing themselves with so many holiday sweets, they won’t eat the healthy meals I prepare.  Any tips?

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