How to Avoid Weight Gain during the Holidays

Does just the thought of holiday riches make you worry?

I was pleased to be a part of a Twitter party last week on the website Mompreneurs Online. The party was all about the holidays — shopping, crafts, even make-up tips from Avon.  I was there to provide advice about  making it through the holidays without gaining a lot of weight. A topic that’s on the minds of too many of us.

For the uninitiated, a Twitter party is when like-minded folks spend time in a formal chat of sorts, tweeting about the subject they are like-minded about.  The organizers sent questions ahead of time so I could be prepared with some useful tips, instead of just ad-libbing my way through half an hour of random questions.  In the interest of multi-tasking my effort, I’m going to present some of my prepared answers this week and next.

A brief preview of the questions I was asked is below.  I’ll just address Q1 today.  Will cover the rest as the week progresses.

Q1:  How can I navigate the holidays without piling on extra pounds?

Q2:  I can’t resist Christmas cookies and eggnog.  If I indulge, how can I make up for it?

Q3:  I’m concerned about my children stuffing themselves with so many holiday sweets, they won’t eat the healthy meals I prepare.  Any tips?

Q4:  Any suggestions for pot luck dishes that everyone will enjoy but are on the healthier side?

Q5:  If I do put on a few extra pounds over the holidays, what’s the best way to get back on track without feeling deprived?

Now for the answers.  They’re in the form of no more than 140-character tips.

Q1:  How can I navigate the holidays without piling on extra pounds?


  • First thing is to not worry about it.  If we’re emotional eaters, anxiety can cause us to eat even more than we normally would.
  • One way to help stop worrying about it is to stop weighing ourselves.Focus on how u feel instd; do what need to do to make urself feel good.
  • Give yourself permission to eat what u want. Feeling like we can’t have what we want can also cause us to eat more than we *really* want.
  • Eat intuitively. Let your body guide you in what you really want to eat and how much. Don’t put external limits on eating.
  • External limits tell us what we *should* do.  When we do what we *want*, we have a much easier time doing it.  Understatement  🙂
  • The trick is realizing what we really want.  It helps to feed ourselves well – don’t skip meals, eat balanced meals.
  • Also stay physically active.  It helps our bodies function like they are supposed to.  And it puts us in touch with our bodies.
  • Manage stress, too.  During holidays, that often comes from trying to do too much.  Be selective in what u commit to.
  • Remember to enjoy the holidays.  That’s the point of them.

How are you doing with staying on point during this holiday?

7 responses to “How to Avoid Weight Gain during the Holidays”

  1. Marsha says:

    Hi, Monique! Thanks for stopping by. Hope your holidays are going great.

  2. I’m having everything! Just in correct and balanced portions that way I do not have to say no to anything:-)
    .-= Wizzythestick’s last blog post..Birthday Meat and Potatoes =-.

  3. Marsha says:

    Sounds great to me, Wizzy! Enjoy!!

    @Fitness Contrarian — I think that’s a definition of healthy eating, wouldn’t you say? The definition of “healthy” just changes a bit sometimes more than others. It’s definitely healthy to enjoy ourselves, too.

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