Healthy Recipe Thursday! Holiday Fruit Bars

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holiday-fruit-barsI’m getting ready to host our annual end-of-year staff party at my home this weekend.  We always hold it the day we close at Green Mountain for a few weeks.  Everyone is so happy, knowing we’ve got a little down time in store.  Well, except for the holidays, that is.  I always spend so much time cooking and entertaining, it’s not really down time.  Just different time.

Today’s recipe Holiday Fruit Bars is from our archives.  It’s chock-full of great-tasting, healthy stuff.  If you’re gluten-sensitive, substitute brown rice flour for the regular flour.  You may also want to use gluten-free oats.  Most oats are contaminated with gluten.  Also, it’s controversial whether avenin, a protein found in oats, is okay.  Whether they’re okay for you to eat may be best to decide with your doctor or dietitian.

The recipe does contain a couple teaspoons sugar per bar, but it’s the holidays.  Even people who are working to manage type 2 diabetes or PCOS can enjoy a bit of sugar without negative consequences.  It’s all about balance.

So enjoy!  January will be here before we know it, and the abundance of the holidays will be gone.  In Vermont, we’re already strapping on our snowshoes.  We’ll be in full swing (or step) with them by January.  Yay!!

How’s your holiday baking going?

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