It Happened This Week: PCOS, Exercise for Healthy Bones, Magazine Advice & Making Changes

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Will jumping be the next big trend in exercise?

Will jumping be the next big trend in exercise?

Monika Woolsey, registered dietitian and founder of the inCYST network for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), has spent the week here at our women’s healthy weight loss program leading our first-ever intensive week-long program for managing PCOS.  Monika also blogged this week about why living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle is important for healthy skin.

Moving on to healthy bones, Tara Parker Pope wrote in the New York Times Health blog about new understanding of the type of physical activity that increases bone density.  As usual, it’s a complicated story.  A few snippets:  Brisk walking can increase bone density in older women; weight lifting may not.  Jumping up and down may be the best activity.  I can see a whole new exercise trend in our future.

On the great new blog Weightless, Margarita discussed the insidious and potentially dangerous messages found in healthy eating and fitness advice in magazines and other media.  Besides taking the joy out of eating and moving our bodies, this type of advice “fosters a shaky, at best — and destructive, at worst — way of thinking about food and fitness.”  A related read is this post I wrote a few months ago on the Eat This, Not That books.

Sagan of Living Healthy in the Real World talks about making the little changes that add up to a healthy lifestyle.  Love her focus on real.

The holidays will be here before we know it.  This time four years ago, we talked about getting real about our holiday health and weight goals. The post was based on our FitBriefing Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes That Last.”  Setting a goal of avoiding holiday foods to avoid weight gain, for example, not only isn’t realistic for most of us, it can set us up for gaining weight.   Read Green Mountain’s Top 10 Tips to Guarantee Holiday Weight Gain for more on that subject.

Go out there and make it a great weekend, everyone!

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