It Happened This Week: Debunked Myths, The Power of the Food Culture And Yoga

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Woman’s Day has 7 common weight-management myths debunked, including eating after certain hours and thinking carbs (or fat) is bad.

If you’ve been looking for a great gluten free grain option, why not try inCYST on the Best’s food of the week – buckwheat?  Btw, Monika of inCYST is here next week as part of our special focus week on PCOS.   We’re excited as we think the week will really help the women who are coming to take part.  Monika is a real expert on the subject.

For more food options, check out this video of 25 ingredients to make 15 delicious meals.   You can shop and make meals at home all week to keep costs low.

For some time, researchers have been finding that people who exercise don’t necessarily lose weight.  Read more from the New York Times Phys Ed blog about why exercise doesn’t always lead to weight loss.

Obsession with dieting rules can be overwhelming, as can an obsession with healthy eating, or orthorexia. Darya from Summer Tomato wrote about this, bacon, and the power of food culture this week.  After reflecting on the topic she wants to know, Is it such a stretch to say that we should be able to eat healthy and still enjoy our food?

Marsha is back into yoga… again.  She informed us of this four years ago this week, and just last week renewed her commitment to it.  She doesn’t do it for weight loss but this post from the archives gives some insight into why yoga can help us eat better and feel better.

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