Rediscover the Joy of Eating Just in Time for the Holidays

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Santa Cookies

I'm a little ahead of things here but this picture is so cute, I couldn't wait to use it!

Halloween has just passed, Thanksgiving is on its way, and right behind it, the weeks-long season of food festivities.   A perfect time to rediscover the joy of eating.  Something that many of us lost the moment we began dieting.  And which may have set us up for overeating, not only during the holidays but the rest of the year, too.

If any of this rings true for you, check out our FitBriefing Rediscover the Joy of Eating.”  First, we take you through a step-by-step look at why diets don’t work.  Robyn, our nutritionist whom you met a few weeks ago here, came up with a somewhat funny take on what happens when we go on diets.  I say somewhat funny because it can be painful, too, as it’s a little too familiar to many of us.

But the piece de resistance are the healthy eating steps to end overeating:

  1. Focus on what we like, then work nutrition into that.
  2. Focus on how foods make us feel.
  3. Stay in the moment, but consider the future.

We expand on those steps a bit in the article.  So check it out if it relates. And then have fun rediscovering the joy of eating!

Are you looking forward to holidays filled with fun and food?  Or do they make you anxious?

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