It Happened This Week: Food Safety Tips, Halloween Candy, Healthy Halloween Alternatives and Recipes

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This weekend clocks change and candy comes home!  It’s Halloween weekend!

First, some helpful Halloween food safety tips from the FDA for parents of trick-or-treaters.

Diane wrote about how she made it through the holiday of candy and costumes while still losing weight.  Her secret?  Planning for a candy indulgence and then moving on because candy doesn’t control her, she controls the candy.  Remember you can enjoy Halloween candy without gaining weight.

Or maybe you were thinking about handing out healthy alternatives to Halloween candy this year.  Check out this list of 25 ways you can help kids in your neighborhood have a healthier Halloween.

Wondering what foods to make this weekend so candy won’t be such a big deal?  Try some of these Healthy Halloween Recipes for a weekend of healthy eating: Mummy Hot Dogs, Spicy ‘Bruised’ Bugs, Pizza Mummies, Roasted Witches Fingers or Pumpkin Stew.

Whatever you do this weekend, enjoy it!   Happy Halloween!

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