The World’s Best Gym

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woman in snowDriving to work this morning I noticed that there are still autumn leaves doing their best to cling to the trees.   I actually  find myself rooting them on, “Come on leaves, hang on!  I don’t want to wait six whole months before I see you again!” (Ok, I might be just a little too invested in the trees…)

Why am I a leaf rooting nut you may ask? Let’s just say I’m not a big fan of the season that’s right around the corner. I know, I live in Vermont. How can you live in Vermont and not love the snow? I do find the first fall quite lovely. All pristine and holiday-ish. That’s my mindset for about the first 30 days — then I’m done.

Once a California girl…

But this year I’m vowing to try and embrace winter in a way I have not been able to in the past. I’m going to try and look at winter through the eyes of a child. I see it every year here at Green Mountain, women discover a whole new world of fitness and health and love it, by engaging in activities that they thought they’d never do, much less enjoy. Women come here every year from all over the world and snap on those snow shoes (or cross-country skis), and give it a go.  Every winter there they are, truckin’ up our hill, laughin’ it up, acting like kids, finding the joy in this winter wonder land.

So, this year I’m turning a new leaf. Because when one lives in a place like Vermont, the best health club in the world is going to be right outside your front door – no matter what the season.

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