Dancing with the Stars

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disco ballI enjoy watching Dancing With The Stars.  Corny? Ok, but even from the beginning — when it was really corny — I was hooked. Not because I’m a big ballroom fan, but because these D-list celebrities really seem to be authentic in their desire to do well and even to win.

Most put their heart and souls in — and their reputations on the line — each and every week. In the beginning you worry that this might be a train wreck for some, but within a few weeks they really begin to shine under the mirror ball. In fact, some are unbelievably good.

What does this have to do with healthy weight loss or fitness? Well, for one thing, many starz blush about how much weight they’ve dropped during the show — it’s a lot of work — yet none of them are trying to. They’re  simply engaged and invested in this new and exciting activity and poof! before they know it, they’re fitter than they’ve been in years.

For me, this just solidifies the fact that getting healthy or fit has to include behavior that is inherently joyful. Eating food you actually enjoy when you really want it. Adopting physical activity that is fun and invigorating, like ballroom dancing, may keep you coming back for more. I find it inspiring to watch all these folks get out there and hoof it every week, pushing themselves beyond their expectations and finding real joy and a sense of accomplishment.

What do you think? Do you love or hate DWTS? What is the most fun thing you do to keep yourself in shape? What keeps you trippin’ the light fantastic?

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