It Happened This Week: Vitamin D, the Hormone, the Freshman 15 and Juggling for Fitness

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635810_39646212Turns out Vitamin D — the sunshine vitamin —  isn’t actually a vitamin at all.   It’s a hormone, and a pretty powerful one, too (are any of them not?).  Check out the Vitamin D Council for info and a do-it-yourself test for vitamin D levels that you can do in your own home.  If you live above the 35th parallel, chances are you don’t get enough of this incredibly important substance.

Newsweek questions whether efforts to fight the Freshman 15 are creating disordered eaters.  The new trend among some colleges of emphasizing calorie counts in cafeteria foods can actually lead to disordered eating, even among students with no history of food issues.

And from our archives comes a post about whether or not you should care about the Freshman 15.  Since most students only gain a few pounds while trying to figure out how to eat with all the lifestyle changes they encounter, focusing on the issue may only add to the stress students are facing.  If there’s a college-aged woman in your life who’s struggling with this issue, check out our Freshman 15 program .

Is juggling a workout? MizFit thinks so! Juggling increases coordination, balance and reflexes, increases range of motion in arms and shoulders, and is a no-impact workout for all ages and body types.  Now several other bloggers are joining her in her pursuit of fitness through juggling.  The last link goes to our own Merry Mary!  I don’t know about you but I’m thinking a try at juggling is in my future!

Talking about futures, have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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