It Happened This Week: Diet Sodas, Body Image Heroes & Getting Over Fat Phobia

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pic12-300x225Should we or shouldn’t we…drink diet sodas?  Experience Life Magazine weighs in.  My bottom-line thoughts:  If we’re using them to mask hunger, we need to be ingesting calories instead.  Things like diet soda may drive hunger underground for a while, but hunger always wins.

Dara Chadwick, author of You’d be so pretty if…., tells us about 11 teenagers and body image heroes from Red Wing, MN, who are raising money as the GO GIRLS (Giving Our Girls Inspiration and Resources for Lasting Self-Esteem) to help educate Fiji teens and adults about the influence of the media on body image.

More body image heroes: The inimitable MizFit shows how she and her 2-year-old daughter are supporting Operation Beautiful.  Sounds like a great Fourth of July weekend project! BTW, Miz (also known as Carla) is speaking about body image and blogging at the upcoming BlogHer conference.

Past time to hang up the fears about fat.  Integrative Nutrition blog (which we love) directs us to Ode magazine’s review “Fat is where it’s at.”

Should we or shouldn’t we eat fish?  Great review in the New York Times by experts about how to be a responsible seafood eater, to help protect the world’s supply.

From our archives:  Getting Benefits from Exercise is a “Walk in the Park.”  Something we can easily fit in on a busy July 4 weekend, even if it’s raining (did I say that???)!

Have a wonderful weekend, and if you’re here in the U.S., a wonderful Fourth of July!

photo by MizFit

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