Take a Vacation from Weight Worries

By Emily on 05/25/2009
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2839281376_cf0e4bca5dMemorial Day is upon us. After a long winter, the sun is shining and it’s barbecue season again! I did a quick Google search for “Memorial Day” and “food” or “diet” and got back a bunch of hits about sticking to your diet on holidays. We’ve got our own advice (and since we’re anti-diet, I don’t think it will come as much of a shock), but…bag the diet and eat what you want!

Taking a break from the worries of everyday life, including anxieties about food and weight — we should do that every day, not just on holidays. Ideally, anxieties about food and weight shouldn’t be a part of our lives at all.

Normal eating means occasionally indulging on special occasions. And yes, burgers on the grill is a special occasion, in my book! I just saw an interesting post on fitsugar. A reader wrote in asking for strategies to cope with visiting her boyfriend’s mother, known for making “very unhealthy foods.” “How can I enjoy my weekend, not insult her cooking, and not blow my diet all at the same time?,” the reader asked.

One great response:

“It’s one weekend. Eating a little won’t kill you….Be happy with yourself and your life and a little less freakin’ rigid, and it’s amazing how the weight comes off. I have to work hard when it comes to the weight thing too, but at the same time, I refuse to stress out about eating or food or anything else, really. Ease up and enjoy life. And a cookie every once in a damn while.”

For more info, check out our Fitbriefing about Holiday Eating Without Overeating.

Enjoy the day!

Photo by yummyporky via flickr.

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