It Happened This Week: French Women, ‘Curing’ Diabetes and Gluten-Free Labels

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picture-12Green Mountain made the news this week on “Have a Blast and Get in Shape with a Fit Trip.”

For all the talk about French women not getting fat, it turns out that being thin has it’s downsides. The Guardian reports that “while a new study has confirmed that French women are indeed the slimmest in western Europe, their slenderness, it has found, comes at a cost: they also worry the most about their weight.” also wrote about an American Diabetes Association task force that will focus on whether Type 2 diabetics who get their blood sugar under control through healthy lifestyle changes can be considered “cured.”

Fat acceptance blogger Kate Harding appeared on CNN to discuss United Airlines controversial new policy to charge larger passengers more for plane tickets. What do you think?

Gluten-free food labels are closer than we think, reports the Mayo Clinic.

Consumer Reports has the scoop on the latest weight loss supplement recalls.

Psychology Today looks at “Why We Do Bad Things,” (or at least things that aren’t good for us, such as consistently overeating, smoking or other negative habits). “Fear of change is often what prevents us from letting go of self-destructive habits and truly enjoying the rest of our lives. You don’t have to let that happen.”

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