In Praise of Real Food

863043_91821441Spring has sprung, at least on the calendar.  It may still be snowing in your part of the world (as it is in mine), but we know the days of summer are just around the corner in the Northern Hemisphere.  For many of us that means gardens, farmers’ markets, seasonal produce, good food, good times.  Even during a tough economy, we need to eat. And the food this time of year is just better.

One reason it’s better is because it’s real.  Something many of us have lost sight of with our harried, weight-worried lifestyles.  Look at what those two descriptors have in common.

  • Harried = stressed, low energy, often eating highly-processed, low nutrient.
  • Weight-worried = stressed, low energy, often eating highly-processed, low nutrient.

Coincidence?  I don’t think so. The question is, which came first?  Are we harried because we’re weight-worried, or are we weight-worried because we’re harried? Or are we both because of what we eat?

Okay, I know everything can’t be attributed to diet, but it’s worthwhile considering the impact of our food choices.  Because good food can help us better manage stress and increase our energy.

And it can be so much fun to eat.  That takes me back to real.

Which would you rather have…

  • Sweet juicy strawberries that almost melt in your mouth or a low carb energy bar
  • low fat ice cream or a bowl of Haagen Daz made with sweet cream, sugar and eggs
  • a creamy, almost runny, brie or a slice of American cheese, plastic wrap removed
  • a slice of toasted light bread with ‘butter alternative’ or toasted whole grain peasant bread with real butter
  • a diet soda or a fresh fruit smoothie

Further, which do you think it will take less of to satisfy you?  For me, and everyone I know, real food wins hands down.

So where does this rambling take us?  To feel better, have more energy, be satisfied with less, lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, real food is where it’s at.  Fat-free, low carb, anything-done-to-food-to-lower-calories-so-we-can-lose-weight isn’t.

I can hardly wait for summer.

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