On the Job Fitness

It’s a gorgeous Fall day here in Vermont — sun shining, fairly warm outside. I want to get out soon for a walk.

But I also know what’s coming — winter in all its glory…and all its reasons not to get outside (although after living here for more than two decades, I’ve adjusted and really love snowshoeing and other winter-time activities).

In case you’re still struggling to develop a love of the outdoors in the winter time, or if you find yourself tied to a desk much of the time when it’s still light outside, our most recent FitBriefing “Work or Workout? Office Exercise You Can Do” might have a few good ideas for keeping your fitness program alive.

These types of activities are good for what ails us, whether it be just feeling down (I find physical activity a quick way to adjust my mood) or a need to keep a healthy lifestyle program going for a weight loss program, diabetes management and/or reducing risk of the host of disorders that a healthy lifestyle works against.

And if anyone in the office thinks you’re a bit strange doing some of these activities, just invite them to join in the fun!

One response to “On the Job Fitness”

  1. Tamara W. says:

    I agree.Exercise definetly can lift the mood when those endorphins start churning.I find if I am in a bad mood it will wipe it out right after a workout.Expels all the bad vibes through sweat I suppose:) Enjoyed your blog.