Staying on Track with Healthy Eating

HealthyeatingOur FitBriefing alert for the month of January alluded to lagging New Year’s resolutions. It’s pretty predictable. We start out strong the first of the year with our get healthy and lose weight resolutions, but as the month goes on, well, life does get in the way.

One thing that goes first for many food and weight strugglers are healthy eating resolutions. And many of us agree that diets often seem easier to follow than eating mindfully, because all the decisions are taken away. Diets tell us what to eat — and what not to eat — so we don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about it.

We can marry the eating structure of diets with the concept of mindful eating. It’s all in how we think about it. In truth, eating structure goes a long way towards helping us stay on track with healthy eating and start to feel well and lose weight if we need to. Read our FitBriefing “Healthy Eating for Healthy Weight Loss: It May Look Like a Diet but It’s How You Think About It” to understand this idea more, and start to put it in place in your life. This concept can make the difference between staying with our New Year’s resolutions to eat well and reverting to old eating habits that don’t get us where we want to go.

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