Healthy Living this Fourth of July


I’m keeping it short and sweet today. I’ve got a few folks coming over this afternoon for burgers and corn, and I have to get to work!

My thoughts for the day: Enjoy! If you’re an American, this is a fun holiday filled with good food and outdoor activities. Laura’s post on Monday already gave us some good insight into food attitudes on this holiday (and any other holiday ‘cuz most of them involve food). In short, eat mindfully, choosing what you want and stopping when you feel like you’ve had enough (not what someone else thinks ‘should’ be enough). That’s a sure recipe for enjoying holiday foods.

As far as outdoor activities go, go for it. Summer is at its peak (again for those of us in North America), and summertime fun can’t be beat. I say that living in an area where wintertime fun is highly prized. But there’s something about just stepping outdoor in the summer that energizes. Okay — another caveat — at least here in Vermont. I’m originally from Texas where summer can be brutal.

Wherever you are, make it a great day! Happy 4th for all us Americans!


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