Healthy Living: Becoming a Master of Joy


If you haven’t visited Annette Colby’s great website Loving Miracles take a few moments. It has a wealth of wonderful tips for taking care of ourselves, which for many of us is the ultimate answer for weight loss. You can also sign up for her e-newsletter which always has a lot of good insight that’s helped me more than once.

Her most recent e-letter focused on self-approval. Lots of good stuff in it, but I liked one step she listed: Learn to become a master of joy! Joy is the energy that makes you feel great – not just in the moment, but in the long-term. Joy generates the power to accomplish. Do things that require joy, and you will become more joyful. For instance:

 Eat delicious food and activate every sense while eating
 Sing from your heart and dance from your soul
 Do kind things for yourself
 Engage in activities that make you feel great to be alive
 Give yourself positive feedback
 Take action on the goals that are important to you
 Learn to relieve stress

I think I’ll go do all of the above right now!


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