Healthy Eating – The Incredible Edible Egg

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77229_21510973Easter Sunday is just around the corner. And for many of us this means colorful dye, marshmallow peeps and hardboiled eggs coming out our bunny ears! So, in honor of the season of fertility and renewal, I thought I’d give another shout out to the good old incredible edible egg!

Here’s a ½ dozen reasons to love eggs:

1) Eggs are still the best source of pure protein. Each egg is a little miracle containing niacin, riboflavin, chlorine, magnesium, potassium, sodium and sulfur as well as other vitamins, minerals and fats, all wrapped up in only 75 calories.

2) Eggs are affordable, coming in at an average cost of $1.51 per dozen.

3) Eggs are versatile. At the time of the French Revolution, the clever French already knew 685 different ways of preparing eggs (including, of course, the omelet).

4) Eggs are fun to color and decorate. Eggs were colored, blessed, exchanged and eaten as part of the rites of spring long before Christian times.

5) Breaking an egg on the threshold of your new home before entering will bring much luck and healthy babies!

6) Eggs are fun to find on Easter morning…

…and a half dozen more interesting uses I’m sure. Happy Easter!

More good news about the cholesterol found in eggs here: Science News

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