America the Beautiful

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America Ferrera wins the Golden Globe for "Ugly Betty". Ugly Betty also won for best comedy. For mothers and young women out there looking for role models in a sea of spoiled, privledged starlets who seem to spend so much time partying they forget where they put their underwear, this 22 year old beauty is the real deal – a real American beauty….

America wins the Golden Globe:

America being interviewed after her win:

For more information regarding young women and positive images in Hollywood visit: Turn Beauty Inside Out – Mind on the Media.

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3 Responses (Add Yours)

  • k. says:

    she’s gorgeous.

  • gmo says:

    where can i get that golden globe dress?

  • cindy says:

    I don’t know, but I do know it was specially made for her. She mentioned when interviewed on the red carpet that she worked with the designer pretty closely on the design and fit. It was a perfect dress for her. She looked fantastic that night and more importantly appears to be just as beautiful inside. Seems like a really great girl.