Healthy Eating After the Holidays & All Through the Year


Clock As the annual rite of after-the-holidays-dieting sets in for many folks, it might be helpful to consider a healthy eating tip that entails no deprivation and is easy to implement.  Drum roll, please…..

Healthy Eating Tip of the Week:  SLOW DOWN!!!

Okay, maybe the fanfare is a bit much.  After all, this piece of advice isn’t anything new.  What is new, however, is that a study was finally done that shows when people eat more slowly, they tend to eat less.  Researchers at the University of Rhode Island found that people ate more when they were told to eat quickly, and that when they ate more slowly, they not only ate less but also reported feeling more satisfied.

Of course, this is one of the major tenets of mindful eating: Eating at a pace that allows you to taste your food, consider its texture, really enjoy it.  Usually, that’s more slowly than people tend to eat in this fast-paced society of ours.

So, today, instead of resolving to cut out your favorite foods, or eliminate the carbs and fat from your meals, or whatever else is the diet fad of the day, why not just slow down.  You might find you like it!

Today begins our annual mindfulness retreat at Green Mountain.  I’m attending as a participant, and can’t wait to slow down the rest of my life, too!

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