Phat Girlz


Phat Girlz is a new movie starring Mo’Nique. Since Vermont is a step behind in latest releases, I’ve justPhatgirlz_1  read reviews of this film, which have made me anxious to see it. Although some reviewers can’t figure out what’s going on in the movie due to their non-experience with real women’s bodies and minds, I’m sure that it speaks to all women that have to remind themselves occassionally that there is no such thing as a "perfect body."

Mo’Nique is the actress that previously brought us a beauty pagent for women of 153047__monique_l substance – F.A.T Chance (F.A.T. = Fabulous and Thick). In Phat Girlz, "Jazmine" (Mo’Nique’s character) is a well adjusted, self-accepting woman of size working on her career. She finds she has to confront some unexpected issues – the issues that lurk beneath and jump up when least appreciated.

Even if this movie was the worst on earth, I’m still excited to see a story about plus-sized woman that isn’t depressed and planning her next diet. And there’s another bonus – there’s no "fat suit" to be seen in this flick.

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