My Experience Returning to Green Mountain at Fox Run

093015-600x600I’m writing this on Friday of my first return week to Green Mountain. My initial visit was also just a week, the same week in fact, last year.

I wish I could have come back for a longer refresher but my high-maintenance husband can’t survive without me for any longer than a week.  (Well, he can but won’t. That’s a different blog altogether, ladies, right?)

I’ve had an absolutely fantastic week for so many reasons. Let me share with you what has gone right this week and also all the areas that have brought “great disappointment”.

What I Brought & Who I Found!

Firstly, I came a little more prepared this time; that’s right, I brought a coffee maker! Just a one-cup Keurig itty-bitty thing but what a God send for a caffeine junkie like me. No more standing outside the dining room doors bleary eyed with that jones-ing look on my face!

I realized that I should have brought my beloved body pillow, but I didn’t remember it – next year, for sure!

What I didn’t bring, but was waiting for me upon my arrival, were two great women that I met last year. What an amazing surprise!

I had no idea that they would be here at the same time, but it has meant for an even more meaningful experience. Thank you Laura and Emma for being my Green Mountain sisters, for a second time. Same time next year?

New Workshops, Experiences & Food!

This week has been just as rewarding as last year but completely different in content.

I skipped a lot of the foundational classes this time around (I took copious notes last year and have a binder at home to which I refer often), and concentrated on more of the exercise and motivational classes available to second, third, and fourth+ week-ers.

Additionally, following the second week agenda gave me more time for outdoor adventures! Laura and I went on a hike that turned out to be educational (who knew that is how they get syrup out of trees?) and inspirational.

The scenery was breathtaking, almost spiritual. I appreciated every step.  And, speaking of spiritual, I took a slow walk through a labyrinth.  A what, you ask?  Yeah, I had no idea either.

As I came to the top of the hill and saw the stone structure I thought “Okay, what woo-woo stuff is this?” I came away with a refreshed sense of self, focus and gratitude.  So what if you have to go through a little woo-woo to get there, the outcome is real, heartfelt and, hopefully, one I can carry home with me.

Thank you, Lynn Ann.

The new chef this year is not only adorable, but his food is exceptional.  Not that it wasn’t good last year, it was, but Patrick has a little something extra going on that has taken the food over the top.

The recipe request book must be blowing up, and for good reason!

With the Good Must Come the Bad….

Let me expound on what has been the most disappointing aspect of my otherwise perfect week at Green Mountain.  

The trees! Well, more accurately, the leaves on the trees.

Last year, upon my arrival, they were just starting to change color.

By the end of that week, the transformation was complete and the magnificent explosion of color that had developed mesmerized me.

This year, not so much – seems the leaves are taking their transformation a little more leisurely this year. I wonder if GM can do something about it… better go find someone and ask!


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