Over the past four decades, Green Mountain at Fox Run has helped thousands of women end weight loss struggles with eating, exercise and body image, make long-term healthy lifestyle changes and lose weight permanently. This weight loss blog helps women navigate these changes.

Holiday Musings: Learning from Overindulgence

By on 12/23/2014

Beth is back with a story that many of us might relate to, especially during this time of year. I got drunk. Not “slightly inebriated” or “in my cups” but “three sheets to the wind”.  Well, maybe only two but I was certainly feeling no pain. Last Tuesday night I hosted (thank goodness, no drinking and driving) the annual Christmas […] Read more »

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Glycemic Index Diet In Weight Loss News

By on 12/19/2014

A Brief Tweet on Recent Glycemic Index (GI) Research In hopes to not defeat my purpose, I’m keeping this brief. Fact. The average web reader reads at most 28% of the words in an online article. And since 28% is the high end of the curve, 20% is really more like it. That’s why I get a little worried about […] Read more »

glycemic index no advantage diet

The Binge Eating Diaries: Emotional and Binge Eating Intensive Workshop 2014

By on 12/18/2014

It’s about 1:00 pm when I pull into Green Mountain. It’s the third time in four years that I’ve made my way up Fox Lane, heading toward the place that would, did, and still is changing my life. The sky is clear and the ground is coated in a thin layer of vanilla snow. It looks magical from the outside, […] Read more »

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I Feel Good! Taking a Different Approach to Weight Loss

By on 12/17/2014

I feel good.  Go figure. I mean, really, I didn’t expect to feel so good.  When I enrolled in Green Mountain’s program, I expected to find a new diet, a new miracle cure or some secret equation to help me lose weight.  There, I admit it! A Different Approach to Weight Loss My focus when I decided to go to […] Read more »

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