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How to Awaken Your “Inner Athlete” (yeah, she’s in there)

By on 07/23/2014

Connect With Your Body Through Movement

A big part of the Green Mountain at Fox Run healthy living program is fitness. Or a better term might be “movement.”

The idea is that through movement, we connect with our bodies. And the more connected we are, the more our bodies can intuitively tell us what we need—especially around food. So moving is one of the keys to becoming an intuitive eater.

Digging Out of My Fitness Rut

if-it-doesnt-challenge-you-it-wont-change-youWhen I came to Green Mountain, I thought I was already moving a lot and “into fitness.” After all, I worked out on an elliptical trainer for 45 minutes, 3 times a week, every week. After week. After mind-numbing week. To say I was in a workout rut was an understatement. But I really didn’t have the motivation or confidence to try anything new. That is, until I got to Green Mountain.

Little by little, I started broadening my very narrow horizons with Pilates and Tai Chi classes. I sampled Tabata (no, it’s not something you eat but it does sound delicious).  Loved cardio on the exercise ball (who knew bouncing was such a workout?).

But there was one physical challenge that eluded me. Something that made my stomach clench with fear.

The Hula Hoop

I was participating in a cardio circuit class one day, and at one of the stations in the circuit I saw it. By “it” I mean a bright orange, seemingly innocent-looking hula-hoop. I had tried to hula-hoop last summer with my granddaughters and they howled when they saw me gyrate and the hoop fall to the ground — every time. Now everyone in the class would see me fail. Humiliating.

happiness is getting the hula-hoop goingHowever… I saw one woman ahead of me have some luck when it was her turn. The hoop at least went around her body twice. I saw how she placed her feet and moved her body. Then, it was my turn with “The Hoop.” I swung the thing around me as hard as I could. I rocked front and back instead of round and round (this is key for all you would-be Hoopers) and suddenly I was hula-hooping. Everybody into my class made a circle around me and urged me on—one minute, two minutes. I was unstoppable. Finally I quit because I was pooped. But I felt like a kid again, riding a bike or skating for the first time. It was a blast.

What Do You Do After Conquering The Hula Hoop?

When I returned home, I knew I was ready to face a new fitness fear: Spin Class. I took my first Spin on my second week home  (thought I would die, or wanted to) but went back again. And again. Love it now. I drop into Pilates class every so often And now I am running. A 5K is my goal.

I think it’s safe to say Green Mountain awakened my “inner athlete.”  Or, at least their Hula Hoop did. Who knows what will awaken yours?

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