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Spring Cleaning Tips to Find Joy In Your Clothes, Body & Life

The KonMari Method

I’ve recently been reading the KonMari method of “tidying” my house. After 28 years and two (now long-moved-out) kids I’ve, shall we say, filled it a bit. Spring Cleaning Tips for Body Acceptance

And it’s driving me crazy.

Last summer, I did a giveaway challenge that a Facebook friend started. In July, you had to give (or throw) away a number of things each day equal to the date. So on July 1, I gave away one thing. On July 2, two things.

It took me until October to finish it, but I did. That means I reduced my household belongings by, well, I’d have to add it all up. But it was a lot. And it was a thrill to do so. Okay, maybe thrill is overstating it. (But maybe not. I am a Virgo, after all.)

So as spring approached this year, I started seeing all these posts by friends saying they used the KonMari method to declutter.

Decluttering For Self-Care

As to what this has to do with the subject of this blog, decluttering supposedly has a number of benefits, including giving a person more “mental” space, feeling more in control, and a feeling of productivity & accomplishment. All things that may help many of us on the road to self-care.

But back to my story.

The main focus on the KonMari method is to determine whether something you own gives you joy. If it doesn’t, get rid of it.

The aim is to surround yourself with things that make you feel good. Sounded great to me.

But when I mentioned this to a friend, she responded by saying:

“I’d have no clothes in my closet if that’s the criteria.”

Meaning, of course, that none of her clothes give her joy. Why not? Well, she’s not particularly happy about her body. Something that many of us can relate to.

One of the things that Kari Anderson, our binge eating specialist at Green Mountain, frequently talks about is how the clothes we choose to keep in our closets can affect us. In particular, she prefers not to keep any clothes that are too small. “I don’t want to start my day with negative feedback,” she explains.

But if your clothes do fit, and you still don’t find any joy in them, often the issue is because we don’t find any joy in our bodies.

Body Acceptance (or Body Neutrality℠)

Our Body Neutrality℠ technique can help you start to move past the negativity that can make dressing (and clothes shopping) a decidedly less than joyous experience.

In the meantime, while we may not always be able to find joy in how we look in our clothes, maybe we could focus instead on wearing colors that lift us, or textures that feel pampering to us. Think silky smooth fabric in bright colors that just signal spring. Or cushy soft socks that make you feel like you’ve splurged a bit on yourself.

Often it’s all about what we choose to focus on. I vote for focusing on finding joy where we can. Talk about mental space.

What can you find joy in right now?

 Learn About Our Body Neutrality℠ Technique

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