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Glycemic Index Diet In Weight Loss News

A Brief Tweet on Recent Glycemic Index (GI) Research

In hopes to not defeat my purpose, I’m keeping this brief.

Fact. The average web reader reads at most 28% of the words in an online article. And since 28% is the high end of the curve, 20% is really more like it. That’s why I get a little worried about headlines like this one –

No Advantage for Low Glycemic Index Diet

You can find the very brief article published on forbes.com here. It very briefly explains the recent work done by Sacks and colleagues published in this month’s JAMA.

JAMA - The Journal of the American Medial Association
But here’s the thing. That’s not really what they learned at all.

The title almost makes glycemic index (GI) sound like a bad idea but if you go to the study itself and read the authors conclusions and relevance you get actual point.

Here’s what they concluded in my own words:

When u eat foods that are health supportive u don’t need to focus on quantitative info like the specific GI of each food you consume.

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