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Beyond the Scale: What Does Feeling Better Weigh?

By on 11/26/2014

Beth is back with a new and big realization that is taking her much further than a scale could ever measure.

Healthy Eating and Exercise

It seems so simple, right? Eat healthy food in a mindful way and exercise. That’s it.

How hard is that? I mean, I’ve always eaten pretty good food and I exercised sometimes and didn’t always stand at the sink to wolf down a meal. So why does the Green Mountain philosophy seem so radical to me?

The Concept Of Making A Permanent Life-Change

beyond the scale - what does feeling better weighI’ve been thinking about that question for the last few weeks and I’m wondering if it’s not the holistic concept of a permanent life-change. A subtle difference, I suppose, but an important one.

Take any of the prescribed advice for a healthier lifestyle that was offered at Green Mountain as a “stand-alone” and it’s still a good thing, without a doubt — eating more healthy food is always a great idea, and exercising when you can is equally beneficial.

But it’s the piece-meal approach that has failed me in the past. It’s the “extra effort” attitude. As in, today I will do something extra for myself — eat a healthy salad, take a walk around the block.

Healthy Changes: From “Extras” To Cemented Behaviors

No, I think the secret is in understanding the value of the Green Mountain philosophy when adopted as a whole, as a complete lifestyle change. Instead of feeling like I need to add something special to my established lifestyle, I’m working on incorporating these changes into my foundational approach – to make it the base of my relationship to health and food and not an “add-on”.

Okay, so the focus is on incorporating healthy changes — practicing them until they are no longer “extras” but cemented behaviors. In my attempt to alter my outlook on food and eating, though, it has been helpful to also see that the journey is better served by realizing that these behaviors are interconnected. By adopting one or two, I might certainly achieve greater health but to look at the program as an interconnected, inter-dependent philosophy, the outcome is exponentially greater.

Going “All In” For Greater Health

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, for me, I can’t do the “add-on” mindset anymore. It’s not working for me. And, more importantly, I need to rely on a total approach to maximize the success of any one component.

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Why the Scale Sucks: A Cautionary Tale
This all-in idea came to me as I walked by my scale for the umpteenth time since I returned from Green Mountain 6 weeks ago. I’ve jumped on it a few times but have abandoned my old daily morning ritual which included going to the bathroom first, getting naked, breathing out so that the scale didn’t register the air in my lungs, holding my breath and stepping on. Then, when the thing wavered a half pound at the end, I had to do it all over again in an effort to get the lower weight.

Gross, right? Yet, that’s how much it mattered.

Losing My Weight Worries

Now, I don’t need to see that number every day because it doesn’t matter to me. I feel good and I feel like I’m doing what I need to, so much so that a number is not going to validate my efforts.

So, where did this light-bulb realization come from? From the interconnectedness of the program – it’s like this:

  • If there are no bad foods than there can be no diet mentality.
  • If there’s no diet mentality, then there’s no deprivation.
  • If there’s no deprivation, then there’s no self-flagellation for “cheating” and there’s no number goal by which to measure my success. There’s only health! And that is easily measured by how I move and feel, both physically and mentally.

So if you’re reading to the end to see how much weight I’ve lost in 6 weeks, go back and read the middle again! I feel better in my skin and in my head – what number is that on the scale?

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