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Fitness Video Series: How To Best Begin An Exercise Program

This video is the first in our fitness video series with LynnAnn Covell – Green Mountain at Fox Run’s Fitness Manager and L.I.F.E. Coach!

LynnAnn has been a leader at Green Mountain for over 20 years. In these videos, she uses her extensive experience working with all fitness levels to share both tips as well as specific exercises and  modifications to either jump-start an exercise program, or add variety to your current routine.

In This Episode…

In this first episode, LynnAnn takes us through the basics of beginning an exercise program, including:

  • Types of exercise to fit in + suggestions for how much and how often to practice each.
  • Actions to take before even contemplating a new exercise routine.
  • Important tips for making exercise enjoyable – yes, it’s possible!


Hi, I’m LynnAnn Covell, fitness director here at Green Mountain at Fox Run in Ludlow, Vermont. Today, I want to talk about how we can start our own personal exercise program back at home.

The first thing you have to understand is that you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to be an exerciser, all you have to do is have a desire to move your body and to have fun!

So, before you do start, you want to go ahead and have a conversation with your healthcare provider – make sure you’re all set to go and you have no underlying conditions that would prevent you from starting an exercise program.

One of the first things we do want to talk about is:

You need to get some cardiovascular activity in

You want to pick a way to do it that’s fun for you, that’s interesting. Maybe something that you enjoyed as a kid. Maybe just going for a walk, going for a swim, going in the canoe, going on a hike – whatever it is (and it doesn’t matter what it is) it has to be something that’s even remotely enjoyable for you.

So you want to make sure to find something that’s fun.

Next thing you need to do is follow some safety guidelines:

  • We can try using what we call the talk test. That means if you can walk and talk, or do a physical activity and hold the conversation, or you can just count to 25 out loud to yourself without being out of breath, then that’s a great safety guideline for you to do your cardiovascular activity.

Another thing we need to do is:

Maybe pick some strength training we can do

Strength training can be done by working in the garden. Strength training can be done again doing just your own body weight, doing some squats, doing some push-ups, even wall push ups – doesn’t matter – make it fun, make it interesting, though.

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If you want to use handheld weights, spry tubes or Dyna bands, or even machines, make sure to get a little bit of instruction. Usually they come with instruction, but if not find someone who could sow you how to do that.

You want to do your strength training every other day – you don’t want to strength train every day. So you can take 10, 15, 20 minutes and start out by doing something gentle and easy.

When you do your strength training you want to make sure that you’re working one exercise per major muscle group in the beginning and doing about 10-15 repetitions. And that’s fine, you want to exercise to fatigue. What you don’t want to do is to try to exercise to exhaustion where you can’t hold proper form and technique.

Alright, so you can do one, let’s say, grouping of 10-12 exercises, and that will be fine. Again, one set, maybe 10-15 repetitions that’s great.

The next is your flexibility.

You want to make sure that you stretch. Stretching all the major muscle groups will help to prevent an injury when you’re doing your exercise or movement, but it also gives you the fluidity to be able to do functional daily activities without being tired or injuring yourself.

The final thing is keep variety in your exercise plan no matter whether you’re a beginner or an athlete you still need variety. You don’t do the same thing day in and day out every day – instead, at least once a week pop in something different. Trick your body into having a little more fun.

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