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Is Jogging Really Bad For You?

Study: Strenuous Joggers As Likely To Die As Sedentary Non-Joggers

Is Jogging Really Bad For You?I have to admit I did an internal victory dance (like the ones football players do when they score a touchdown) after reading about the study posted by the Journal of American College of Cardiology, which reported that jogging is bad for you – well, strenuous jogging for long periods of time is just as bad for you as being sedentary.

I know that sounds like an oxymoron – how could a fitness instructor experience such pleasure from learning that any form of exercise might have negative effects?  But hear me out…

Study researcher Jacob Marott and his colleagues of the Frederiksberg Hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark, followed nearly 1,100 healthy joggers and 413 sedentary people for more than 12 years. The researchers found that strenuous joggers were as likely to die during that time period as the sedentary non-joggers.

Light to Moderate Jogging Is Better (3 Times Per Week, 20-48 Mins)

They found that jogging three times a week is best, for between 20 and 48 minutes each time. This study only continues to ingrain the philosophy we have here at Green Mountain at Fox Run: letting go of the no pain, no gain mentality.

But, I still decided to soul-search as to why this research made me so happy. Maybe it’s because I will often compare myself to my Marathon Runner friend, who hits the pavement 4 to 5 times a week with 7 miles being an average run.  Not really doable for my body, and maybe a part of me felt that I’m “not good enough” to keep up with her.

Research Validates Letting Go Of The “No Pain, No Gain” Mentality

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So when the study revealed this possibility that I was doing the right thing by listening to my body and not pushing myself beyond what seemed like achievable and joyful exercise, it felt like validation for what I truly believe, which is to find a healthy balance with exercise that honors my body. A little bit of cardio, a little bit of strength training, a little bit of yoga.

Oh, and don’t forget – a little bit of cake!

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