Over the past four decades, Green Mountain at Fox Run has helped thousands of women end weight loss struggles with eating, exercise and body image, make long-term healthy lifestyle changes and lose weight permanently. This weight loss blog helps women navigate these changes.

Webinar – Eating, Emotions & Exercise: The New Science of Healthy Weights

Here at Green Mountain we understand that our approach to healthy weights and well-being is radically different than most others out there.

Our difference lies in our process

Unlike other approaches, we don’t invest solely in the endpoint. We begin with the present moment and all that it has to offer, because that’s the place from which we can move forward.

That’s what mindfulness is all about when employing it for positive change, and it has been a centerpiece of our work for decades.

Tune into our upcoming webinar: Eating, Emotions & Weight: The New Science of Healthy Weights at 7 PM eastern on Tuesday, March 10th to explore the science behind our process.

We’ll Review:

    • What is known regarding neuroscience and eating psychology to help us better understand that deprivation and diet mentality thinking does not lead to long-term success.
    • Why diets failed you and not the other way around.
    • How people are creatures of habit and how the practice of mindfulness can help us establish supportive habits that are often radically different from the mainstream approach of dieting.
    • Eating for healthy weight loss; going beyond the mainstream microscopic focus on what we’re eating and creating a calorie deficit. We’ll look at how this focus hinders us from considering the other components involved in weight management, and deeper into how and why we eat.
    • The big picture surrounding exercise, and what motivates us to move our bodies. We often create a hyper-focus on the physiological outcome rather than consider the psychological components of what, why and how we are motivated, and what continues to keep that motivation alive.
    • The science behind self care and why it is essential to sustainable weight management and overall health.

We hope you’ll join Green Mountain at Fox Run’s expert professional staff as we explore this science behind the non-diet method to healthy weight management.


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