Not Your Typical Weight Loss Camp

Fat Camp for Adults, Weight Loss Camp, Fat Farm, Weight Loss Boot Camp…so many terms

Just like a fad diet, the effects of  adult weight loss camps are temporary. You may return home from a boot camp slimmer, but the results are short-lived.

How can you determine which weight loss program will meet your needs?

Quick Fix vs. Healthy Weight Loss

If you’ve lost and regained weight over and over again, you already know that restrictive diets and quick fixes like boot camps and fat camps for adults don’t work. True behavioral change cannot occur in the absence of addressing your underlying attitudes and beliefs.
Fat Camp for Adults – Weight Loss Camps for Women

We’re Not a Fat Camp, Adult Weight Loss Camp, Or Anything Else Like That

We’re about real women getting healthy – and having fun!

Our non-diet philosophy, delivered as part of our personalized weight loss program for women, emphasizes helping each woman address her individual challenges to successfully attain and maintain a healthy weight. You’ll begin to feel good about yourself again…and have fun in the process!

We Understand Women’s Issues Around Food and Eating

For many women, working through issues – such as behavioral and emotional triggers, body image and self-acceptance struggles – is key to establishing a long-term healthy eating and living pattern.

Adult Weight Loss Camps Are Superficial

In particular, most adult weight loss camps tend to disregard the critical shift in thinking that leads to lasting lifestyle change; instead they apply short-term, diet-based strategies.

We’ll show you how to let go of your old habits and ways of thinking so you can free yourself from dieting and achieve permanent weight loss.

Weight Loss Camps For Adults – Adult Fat Camp

We Are Diet-Free Zone for Lasting Weight Loss

Unlike traditional fat camps for adults, our program is designed to meet the changing needs and realities of today’s busy woman.

  • We’ll teach you how to lose weight without deprivation or dieting.
  • You’ll change your attitude and create a realistic, balanced lifestyle.
  • You’ll learn how to eat what you love in a way that leads to a healthy weight.
  • You’ll start to enjoy exercise, even look forward to moving your body regularly.
  • We’re about fun and feeling good, not about pain!

At the typical adult weight loss camp, fat camp, fat farm or weight loss spa, you’ll find calorie restriction, negative motivation, and exhaustive exercise – all of which is unsustainable.

Green Mountain is a Supportive Environment of Women Just Like You

Our weight loss program addresses all aspects of your life – physical, nutritional and emotional – and gives you the tools to combat common roadblocks to your success. We help you learn to lose weight and keep it off… for life!

Believe in the Possibility of Lasting Change
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