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Green Mountain has a loving environment to be yourself .

Hillary Lawrence

Green Mountain at Fox Run is a great place to reconnect with the “you” that’s buried inside.

Sue Wilson

GM has taught me if I get off course, just get back on course.

Joyce A. Gierla

Being here was like I was back in college at a women’s dorm with sorority sisters. We laughed, cried, supported each other. I think I have made new lifelong friend. Thank you!

Patti McLean

Green Mountain was one of the best experiences of my life. The staff was both professional and very caring. I would recommend anyone to attend Green Mountain. I feel so much better both physically and mentally. Thank you so much

Denise Kliewe

It is my belief that the total 6 weeks I spent at Green Mountain were the best investment I made in my physical and mental health. Women from all walks of life come together and work together to meet common goals and joyous life. Thank you Alan and beautiful Marsha; for creating a refreshing retreat where women are appreciated and […] Read more »

Sarah Yagi

The experience at Green Mountain is like no other…not only do women with issues around food and weight have the opportunity to learn about self-care and nutrition….but the entire environment and staff support each individual’s efforts and hopes to achieve a balanced and happy life. Thank you Green Mountain!

Ina Resnikoff

How blessed I felt to be in this safe, supportive, comfortable and fun oasis of healing. To not be self-conscious about my weight or shape, to put my shame behind me and replace it with confidence in my new direction!

Carol Procter

I did not anticipate the boost I received from the outstanding women participants. The fact that Green Mountain attracts such a fine caliber of woman is a tribute to the program.

Ilene Briggin

This is a great way for women to focus on themselves and bond with one another.

Kathy A. Martell
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