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Over the past four decades, we’ve helped thousands of women end struggles with eating, exercise and body image, make long-term lifestyle changes and lose weight healthfully.

Founded in 1973 by Thelma Wayler, MS, RD

In 1973, Thelma Wayler took over an empty dorm at Vermont’s Green Mountain College to found the country’s first and only residential weight loss program exclusively for women. A visionary, Thelma knew diets didn’t work almost forty years before the idea became accepted as it is today.


Our Beautiful Vermont Location

Today, Green Mountain operates out of a former ski and corporate retreat on a hill overlooking Okemo Mountain and the Okemo Valley Golf Course. Set on 26 wooded acres, the retreat is a low-key, relaxing retreat with informal classrooms, well-equipped physical activity rooms, a spacious dining room, and a comfortable living room. Explore our tranquil setting >>

The Freedom of Choice

Themla helped women lose weight by providing a powerful experience of eating well, movement and positive thinking – the basis of our Integrated Health Model.  Most importantly, she fostered the freedom to make choices based on what we want, not on what we feel we “should.”

We continue to teach women that making free choices, and then accepting the responsibility for them, is at the core of success in achieving goals in any area, including weight management.

Did you know? Thelma Wayler was on the Phil Donahue Show

Green Mountain operated as a summer program through its first years, and after its popularity grew by word of mouth and phenomenal publicity (Thelma’s ideas drew the attention of national media, including the early Phil Donahue Show), we extended the program the year-round.
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Weight Loss Based on Science, Not Fad

Thelma instituted a healthy weight loss program based on science, not fad, and we have always operated under the direction of a highly professional team.  Today, our staff include experts in nutrition, exercise physiology and emotional health:

  • registered dietitians
  • exercise physiologists
  • mental health professionals
  • physician and an expert in human metabolism
  • professionals in the nurturing arts, including yoga and massage therapy

Casual, Relaxed All Women Environment

The atmosphere is one of relaxed camaraderie, and the emphasis is on informal, healthy living rather than pampering, although massage and other amenities are available. Up to 40-45 women can be accommodated in single, double and triple rooms. In this way, we can offer a more personalized experience that facilitates the development and planning of effective strategies for long-term success.


Our Program – Still Similar to Thelma’s Vision with Newer Practices

The core of the program has remained similar to Thelma Wayler’s original vision.  The language of intuitive eating and intrinsic exercise has codified Thelma’s approach and now we have layered in newer practices:

  • Our mindfulness and meditation classes help women get in touch with their bodies and what they need.
  • Our behavioral workshops address the new challenges modern women face in juggling careers, kids, and aging parents as well as the non-stop pace of life with technology.
  • Our fitness program complements the hiking and snow shoeing Vermont offers with exercise classes you would find at home, such as Pilates, Zumba, and yoga.

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